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Another rescuer's Story

I have been doing feral cat trap neuter and release for a little over 3 years now. In that time I have found many cats who either escaped or were dumped after being declawed. I can tell you now they stand NO chance of survival.

If a cat escapes it will in many cases end up with feral cats. This is because the ferals have found a food source. The starving house cat has to fight his way into the colony. He has no choice because he is hungry. They will not make it in. I have seen declawed cats beaten up horribly by strays. They have no defenses. In the process trying to fight for food and repeatedly losing they contract a variety of diseases including FIV and leukemia. If that doesn't kill them the infections from bites and scratches will. Not only are they always beaten but their immune systems are weak because they never make it to the food.

I actually saw one who would get thrown around so much that he would be literally spitting out dirt by the end of the fight. Luckily I was able to catch him and he is now in a home. However, many of them were dumped because of bad habits that resulted from declawing. Now they have spent their last months being beaten and starving. Most will be killed in shelters a few will live the rest of their lives in a cage.

Those are great options for what was once a fuzzy sweet kitten looking for a good home. So now some person has great furniture. All it cost was a few months of torture and death. Even if you believe your cat will be indoors only I assure you sooner or later they will probably escape. Either they will sneak out, the carrier will open on the way out of the vet, your house guest will leave a door or window open.... something will happen. I am not saying that people are bad owners. None of my cats are outdoor pets however several have managed to get by me. In one case they actually broke a window one night and escaped. No precautions short of bars on the windows could have stopped that and I never would have guessed it would have happened. The point is that even if the risk is relatively small the consequences are too horrible for it to be an option at all. Trust me. Most people couldn't see the things that I have.

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