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Arthur's story

Arthur is a beautiful fluffy orange cat with the sweetest of temperaments. When I found him, I was living at home and was told by my mom that he would need to be declawed to stay. Had she known the mutilation that would occur and continue to occur, she would have never made the request (nor would I have followed it).

The low-cost surgery was performed by a retired vet who was recommended by the Animal Welfare League.

After about two years, I noticed strange, convoluted forms growing through Arthur's little pads (what was left of them, anyway). I took him in to our regular vet who told us the forms were his nails growing back. Apparently, the first vet did not remove all the "bits" and the cells were regrowing. Our vet performed the second painful surgery, hopeful that it would be the last.

Arthur is now five and a few more of his pads have the deformed growths. The vet did not think a third surgery was wise, as there is not enough of the little pads left to be cut into.

So, Arthur walks around on grotesquely curled, mangled claws which protrude from his mutilated pads. He is so sweet that he never complains.

I know he is in constant pain, because he sits with one or the other paw held up. He walks on his "wrists" and rarely runs.

I try to help when I can, by kissing his little feet and helping him down from the bed or couch or perch.

I would do anything to reverse the mutilation I caused. I am heartbroken every day.

Please please please don't declaw.


February 29, 2000

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