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Bastian's story

My name is Sandy and I am adopted by Bastian. He is a huge, loving, sweet, courageous gentleman. He was brought to our house after the loss of another cat. He had been declawed. What breaks my heart is that his everyday behavior is that of a scared little boy, one who is alarmed at every household sound, every footstep and most especially the people going in and out of our house. He licks and scratches all the time. His toes are adorably large, but on one paw it is evident where he had a wound on that toe. The fear in his eyes, the slinky, fearful behavior of what once was and could have continued to be an elegant, incredible, male cat would make me feel criminal if I were ever to be so inhumane. Compared to some of the horror stories I have read he has adjusted, but not without a terrible price. He insists on going outside and we supervise. On one occasion though he went out and returned bathed in his own excrement. How humiliating would that be for you? He is not a coward but he had nothing with which to confront the other cat. For a long time I felt guilty for letting him out but he was an outdoor cat before we were adopted and he was so pitiful being held prisoner after the first year we had him. So please, if you read this, please consider carefully the alternatives. We have had many other cats and they had their claws. The differences in their behaviors are a heart-breaker to watch.

February 19, 2001

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