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Bonnie's Story

This is not about my cat, but about my mother's. Bonnie, Is a Himalayan...oh, about 5 years old. She was not declawed right away... as far as I remember she was very loving...but now she's just mean. She loves my brother, but hates everyone else. She constantly hissing, even if you try to pet her. My mother also has a Persian, Ebon, who's about 7 years old, also declawed...I haven't noticed any problems with Ebon. But I always wondered what may have changed Bonnie's personality. I've been looking into getting a Ragdoll and at first wanted to get him/her declawed, knowing nothing of it, but now I DEFINITELY will not get it declawed!!! I'm so thankful for sites like these which educate others of these horrible procedures... poor, poor putty cats. =(

July 28, 2002

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