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Calie's story

This is about my youngest baby who is now 11 months old, she is my Little Calie Girl. A beautiful golden eyed calico. I have two other furry, four footed, feline family members who reside with us in our home. Calie was a rescue baby that came with us when she was about five weeks old, a happy little kitty full of spunk and energy who loved playing with her other adopted brother and sister. Calie is my third cat to be declawed as I had no real problems with my other two. I always thought it was only the claw that was removed, the procedure was never explained to me, if I had known what I know now, this would have never happened and I would not have this terrible story to tell all of you. It began when I took my baby girl to be spayed and declawed three months ago at our family vet who has taken care of our feline family the past four years. She was given the routine blood work to check for abnormalities before the surgeries. As the others, we picked her up the next afternoon as recommended. Calie came out with a little bandage on one of her paws. I can remember telling my husband, "Our other kitties didn't have a bandage on." I had this bad feeling already in the pit of my stomach. I brought Calie home putting her in her bed where she would be most comfortable. I was to take the bandage off the next morning but she did that herself during the night. Her foot was all bloodied in the morning. I have no idea how long she was like this. A few days had gone by, she just did not seem to improve at all. I could see she was in severe pain. For the first few weeks I carried her everywhere, she did not want to walk at all, I even would bring her food and water. My Calie Girl would just lay there drinking or eating her meal. She stayed in my room for two weeks where she was most comfortable barely being able to walk. This just did not seem normal. I called the vet, take her in and drop her off, picking her up later that day. He left a message telling us he could not find anything wrong with her and prescribed pain medication. I tried that without any success. By this time I am in tears. Another visit to the vet with one of my other cats and again I questioned about my poor Calie. I told him she can barely walk, sits up like a prairie dog and when she does walk she is not walking on her toes or her paw but walking on the entire lower half of her leg, it is utterly bending up forward at the knee! He seemed shocked and amazed. This is about where we stand now, my Calie is miserable, I feel absolutely terrible for doing this to my little calico bundle, not of the happy little baby she use to be. Now I carry her most of the time, she mews at me and still purrs while I am petting her beautiful coat as to say, " I forgive you." Her vet is to consult a few other vets then get back with me about what we can do, if anything. She may have to be splinted in order for her leg muscles to strenghten so she may walk upright on her paws again, I don't know. Right now it is a wait and see situation. I am hoping so very much, My Little Calie Girl will be able to walk the happy walk she use. With this I will close in pleading, please do not have your kitty declawed, educate yourself on declawing, don't do what I did, thinking it was a simple procedure, don't take that chance of the same thing happening to your friend, your family. As we work with My Calie Girl I will keep you posted.


April 21, 1999

September 9, 2000

Calies Story Continue...

Calie had a terrible experience with her declaw procedure. Her vet consulted an Orthopedic Specialist concerning her difficulty in walking after declaw. With love and care, Calie recovered after 6 months of walking with a lot of discomfort. I am so relieved she has returned to as close to normal as possible. I will never have another one of my babies declawed after this frightening procedure.
On this note I wish to dedicate my story to Calie's Veterinarian who also attended to my other cats. Dr. Dan Wells was killed by a hit and run driver, who was arrested a week later and found out he was on probation for hit and run and drunk driving. Dr. Dan Wells was a man who was devoted to the health and wellness to our four pawed friends. He was sincerely respected in the community, his warm, kind ways will be missed by all. His practice is being carried out by fellow veterinarians in search of one whom will be able to continue and carry on Dr. Well's dream.


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