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Chloe's Story

My cat Chloe. She was about a year old when I rescued her from 'Strays'. I let her tear up my couch and loveseat. She even scratched the woodwork and refrigerator. I bought two scratching posts, lots of CatNip and she still scratched everything else. She had toys and I played every morning and evening with her. I moved to a new apartment and felt I had to get her de-clawed in order to keep her with me. I hesitated but felt it only right as she also clawed me from time to time; although not deliberately. She loved to use her little 'hook' claws.

Well, I got her de-clawed a little over a week ago-things seemed to be fine/giving her anti-biotics two times a day/using pain medication. However, today when I held her she started bleeding all over me. I took her back to the vet. He said she had to stay over the weekend; he would glue puncture wounds in both feet. Only her right foot was bleeding but both had puncture wounds. Chloe had been pulling and biting at her feet. I thought this normal as they were probably itching her and she had always pulled at her very furry Maine Coon feet with her teeth even prior to surgery. Well, evidently she was actually biting her feet. Anyway that is what the vet implied.

I can pick her up Monday but I worry that this behavior will continue and I'll have to deal with Chloe injuring herself. I feel very guilty because this was elective; it wasn't mandatory that she be de-clawed. I miss her and cry knowing that I put her thru this ordeal because she was acting like a cat! This is a terrible, terrible guilt trip and may even be severely disabling to Chloe. What will I do, I wonder, if she continues to bite herself and damage her feet? There is no answer now. I just have to wait to find out what the end result will be. This is awful for my beloved Chloe and me.

May 17, 2003

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