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GreyKitty's Story

GreyKitty was a sweet loving cat we picked up as a stray. He's gone now, and, after reading the stories here, I'm glad for him. Ironically, his affectionate nature led to his mutilation.

We adopted a baby, and they were together so much that my wife convinced me to have him 'declawed' so he wouldn't accidentally hurt the baby. I was aware of what was done, and was against it, but had no idea of the brutality involved in the procedure, or I would have drawn a line in the sand about it.

In spite of all, his recovery went well, although looking back, he may have started whizzing in the wrong places then. He never showed any obvious pain from walking, and never tried to bite, but then maybe he didn't have time to really show any problems. GreyKitty was always adventurous, refused to be housebound, and didn't know the meaning of the word 'fear'. (Or 'off the counter', but that's another story.) I felt like he was apprenticing as an engineer, since any repair work was inspected minutely. He also acted as 'lifeguard' during baths and showers. This was disconcerting to some of our guests who hadn't gotten warned about our 'Peeping Ex-Tom'. In all, a cat whose motto was 'Claw your way to the top - that's what the drapes are there for'.

After his operation, he was no more willing than before to stay in, and I expect this led to his undoing. A fox got him, I guess, since there are a pair of them in the area, but I'll never really know.


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