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KiKi's story

Fluffy was an adorable male kitten. He was given to us by a neighbor, whose cat had a litter of kittens. When he was 8 weeks old we had him neutered, and because we had small children, we had all 4 paws declawed. He stayed at the clinic 2 days and came home a little sore, but doing well. Fluffy recovered well from his surgery and is now owned by my cousin. Fluffy is 6 years old. You would never know he ever had anything done.

We got KiKi about a year and a half ago. She was 9 weeks old. We couldn't afford to get her spayed or anything at that time. She was strictly an indoor cat. She didn't scratch us, unless we were playing, but she scratched everything else. I would clip her nails very short and that seemed to help alot. As she got older though, it became very difficult to clip her nails, and I ended up with some pretty bad scratches. When we were able to get her spayed, we also decided on a 4 paw declaw, since she was so adamant about not getting her claws clipped. She stayed at the vet for 2 days. When she came home she limped everywhere, and she cried. After about a week I noticed she had quit eating and drinking and her litter box was basically dry. She wasn't acting right either.

I took her back to the Vet. She had lost 2 lbs and was dehydrated. She was also in immense pain. They kept her 3 days and gave her IV fluids and pain meds, and antibiotics. She is very sensitive to pain. When she came home she was eating better, but still limping. That was in February 2001. This is May 2001, she is just now starting to run and dart around like she used to, but she is very skiddish about jumping and goes up and down stairs slowly. She still favors her front paws and will hold one or the other off the ground from time to time. We feel so bad for our little KiKi. If I had known what it entailed and how she would react, I never would have done it. She is no where near the active kitty she was before her surgery. Since she is not as active, she is gaining a lot of weight. She uses her litter box just fine, but has trouble burying and scratching in it. There has been no increase in biting, she still 'playbites' as she did before.

When I kept her claws real short, she never scratched, it was only when they got longer and she was trying to sharpen or shorten them that she scratched. I should have looked more into alternatives, or even having the vet trim her nails monthly instead of the pain we put her through.

Mama's Sorry KiKi!!! Please study the Alternatives before you De-Claw. It's not worth the pain.


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