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Mandy's Story

When I moved out of state away from my family I was lonely and not used to be away from my cat. My parents did not want me to take my cat, Baby, with my because he was older and used to being at my parents house. I missed having a cat incredibly. I had never been without one before. I met a gentlemen out there who's daughter was trying to find a home for her cat, Mandy.

Mandy was a midnight black colored cat with medium length hair, five years old. She has big yellow eyes. She was also a polydacty(six-toed cat). They had her declawed. They said she kept getting caught on everything with her toes. I think polydactlys have trouble retracting them. Having a declawed cat is something which I had no experience with before because I was always totally against it. Never even had to weigh the pros and cons. I had never been around it because no one in my famliy ever believed in it. And I always just intelligently figured that it was mutilation and needless pain for an animal.

Mandy did not come whenever I was home at my apartment for about the first two weeks. Slowly she started coming out if I was sitting down watching tv and not making any noise or any moves. She would never even think of coming out if someone stopped by. She would just take refuge in the far corner under the bed, huddled into a ball. She eventually got very used to just me. Besides being anti-social, she would occasionaly urinate on any clothes lying around, or in the corner of a closet.

I am now back home with my parents, and Mandy comes out with the family and the three cats we have here (for a total of 4 now!!!). She still runs and hides a lot(would NEVER come out for a stranger), and exhibits behavioral problems. But she has stopped the urinating! She is also the best escape artist. If you were holding her and something startles her(which if often), she could get away in a second. She moves both her bottom and top half in different directions. I also do think her feet still hurt. Sometimes she'll lift one paw up. Whoever did her toes and feet did a real hack job. There are scars on them. My vet I took her to even said it looks like they took off too much of the pad. It's horrific to think that someone would want to do that to their pet. When you take on an animal you need to accept them. Not physically tailor them to your needs. It should be a compromise. Get a scratching post for goodness sakes. Or take some time and work on training them!!!

Thanks for listening.

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