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Pepper’s Story

Sadly to say, I learned about this horrible mutilation after Pepper was already declawed. I worked as a vet assistant in the surgery/exam room... yes assisting with de-clawing. My first surgery was a 6 month old kitten in for declawing..... not sure of what to expect, I put the kitten (already under anesthesia) on the operating table and the doctor used regular guillatine-type nail clippers and as he pushed up to expose the claws clipped each one back beyond the cuticle. (which is the bone) He proceeded to clip all ten in a matter of seconds just as if he was trimming their nails.

I watched with my mouth wide open and tears in my eyes because this poor kitten meowed slightly with each amputation!! I yelled at the doctor saying, ' Oh my god, he's not fully under anesthesia, he can still feel it' The doctor's inhumane response was, ' I can't wait, I'm behind schedule' He wrapped up this poor kittens paws and laid him aside to perform yet another mutilation. When I left for the day, I sat in my car hysterically crying knowing that Pepper was just declawed by that 'butcher' two days prior. And yes, Pepper never used the litter box after that and I thought it was because I got another cat and she didn't like to share the box. Since then I did get two kittens after her and they are happily scratching their itchies. I am a professional groomer and try to educate and tell my customers not to de-claw by this story. At least 3 out of 5 took my advice, and when they come in for their grooming, there's NO CHARGE for clipping all 20 claws!!!!

Terri (in memory of Pepper)XOXO
December 12, 2002

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