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Roxy and Bizkit's Story

My husband and I adopted our cat's, Roxy and Bizkit, in 1999. They were two months old. They are great cats, very happy and playful! Should I say they were. We had just purchased a new home and thought we were doing the right thing by declawing them, because no matter how many gadgets we bought for them, they still got excited and scratched the furniture and rugs among other stuff. They were difficult to brush or bathe or give vitamins or occasional medication too because of getting scratched.

They have been slaughtered for two horrible weeks now and they have just began to eat own thier own without a medicine dropper which I also used to keep them doped up so they would'nt feel most of the pain that I realized I caused them. We also had to give them antibiotics and pedialite for infection, pneumonia, and dehydration. Of course we were never advised of such risks.

Now the two cats that have rarely ever been apart, even at the vet, act as if they hate each other with their hissing almost violently at each other and making a litter box of thier convenience any where in the house. With all that I have spent to make sure my cats were taken care of and healthy unlike so many that are not in this world, now it is going to cost me my home because of the litter box problem. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I do not want to give up my family or my home. I love my cats!!

Sincerely, GUILTY & SORRY

July 30, 2001

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