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Roscoe and Jaspurr's story

I had Roscoe and Jaspurr laser declawed about two months ago and it has been nothing but pain and suffering for them. I chose to do it with the laser because the vet said 'it was less bleeding, less painful, and less swelling.' What she did not tell me is about all the complications that go along with the surgery.

Jaspurr got a high fever, her toe was infected, she lost two pounds, and she became dehydrated. The pain medication made her severely constipated. Then, I just noticed this past Friday that she was holding up her paw and only walking on three paws (this is two months after the surgery date.) The vet took x-rays and did not find anything objectively wrong with the paw. I wonder if it is nerve pain?

Roscoe's story is the worst. He layed on my bed for the entire first month because he was so ill. His one day in the hospital turned into 5 days because his paw would not stop bleeding. When he finally came home with me, he did not urinate for two days, so I took back him to the vet. They told me that he has hepatic lipidosis. This means that he has stopped eating, so his liver enzymes were elevated. I had to force feed him 4 times a day for three weeks. Then he developed severe diarrhea and dehydration. One of his toes also got infected even though he was on Clavamox and Zenequin (antibiotics to prevent infection). Roscoe has finally started to venture out of my bedroom. He also lost two pounds and will still not eat on his own.

Behaviorly, they never stopped using the litter box but they hiss at each other all the time.

The best part of this story...the vet charged me for every treatment with each complication. The laser surgery for both cats was $1000 and I have spent over $2000 in complications. The vet's response to all this is that this has never happened before, it is rare, and the office manager even asked me if I use any chemicals in my house. If it is so rare, why did 2 out of 2 cats have complications?

Please forgive me for what I have done?

Krista, Roscoe, and Jaspurr, October 19, 2002

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