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Rhonda's story

I knew there was such a procedure as declawing, but at first I did not know anything about it. When I first got cats, I could barely afford to get them fixed and shots, let alone pay more money for a procedure that was not necessary, so I never thought twice about it.

My first experience with a declawed cat came when I found a dead mauled cat next to a tree and called animal control to come get it. When animal control came, they went to pick up the cat and realized that there were chunks of bark stuck in the poor things declawed paws.. The officer said "looks like this guy was trying to get away but did not have the claws to make it up the tree".. and when I asked him what he meant, he told me that the cat was declawed. And I asked him, "what does that mean" cause I truly only thought that they removed claw.. and he told me they chop the tips off of the cats paw including the bone so the nail won't grow back.. and I was in shock.

And that is the end of my story..

Rhonda, May 27, 1999

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