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Sammi's Story

My story is about Sammi our 5 month old kitten. We share our house with a total of 4 cats, Sammi being the latest addition. Jeanna, Kiki and Maggie have all been neutered and declawed with no problems whatsoever. We took Sammi in 3 weeks ago to have him declawed simply because we thought that was what you do with indoor cats, fix them and declaw them.


As I said, we've had no previous problems with the declawing procedures. I found this website just 1 day too late. While he was in for the surgery I was reading up on it, and to my surprise found out what a horrible mistake we had made. Since the surgery our previously spunky, friendly, playful and sweet kitten has become reserved, shy and hides under the bed most of the day. He also stopped using his litter box for a short period of time.

Now, 3 weeks later he still limps and shows signs that he is in pain. We've taken him back to the vet twice to no avail. They say he's fine and that it may just be psychological or an exposed nerve ending that they can do nothing about. I am of the opinion that the vets should be obligated to warn owners of the potential dangers and possible negative outcome of the declawing surgery. Had I known then what I know now, I would NEVER have declawed any of my cats. I will never do it again, I assure you.

Thanks for reading, and please if you are thinking of declawing your cat, read the rest of the articles and think twice about what you are putting your poor cat through.

Wendi & Sammi

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