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Snuggles' Story

I got my siamese cat (we gave him the name 'Snuggles' because he loves to snuggle) from a neighbor who had to get rid of him because he wasn't getting along with the cat she had. I took him in and fell in love with him right away. He loves a lot of attention and affection. My husband and I never had a cat before so when friends and neighbors said we should get him declawed so he wouldn't use his claws to scratch anything when he got playful, we never thought about what declawing really is. (I had him trained to use the scratching posts). We just automatically assumed that it was just as common as getting the cat neutered.

So just two days ago I brought Snuggles into the vet and had him declawed. I was worried but only because I thought he might not be getting the affection at the clinic that he was use to getting from us. I picked him up early this afternoon and he seemed fine but was really vocal which didn't surprise me because he was always like that. Only until we got home did I notice that he started bleeding profusely and was walking gingerly on his paws. I brought him back to the vet who said they would keep him in one more night and that he probably pulled a stitch and not to worry. I went home worried because I also got a good look at his paws when he was trying to walk.

I went on the net and looked up declawing (something my husband and I should have done before putting our baby through this) and was shocked at what declawing really is. My husband and I feel extremely guilty and sad and my parents are also upset. Why didn't the vet tell us what they do to the cats and what the cats have to go through? Right now I cannot sleep...I can only think of my baby in pain and hope that when he comes back home tomorrow that he will not be in so much pain and that he will recover to his 'old' self. Snuggles had a beautiful personality and I wish that he didn't have to go through this pain. My parents want to sue the vet because she didn't tell us the true procedure and the side effects.

This site and others are helpful and the public should know the truth about declawing. Please don't do it...if you love your cat, then you don't want it to suffer and it would hurt you emotionally to see how much it is suffering. My husband and I will never support declawing and we will be sure to let every cat owner know what we have learned to late about declawing.

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