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Sophie's Story

Sophie was 2 years old when, looking for a companion for my male cat Punkin, I adopted her from a shelter. She had already been declawed by previous owners but was such a sweet cat that I had to give her a good indoor only place to live.

Behaviorally however she never had a chance to grow up emotionally and would exhibit passive-agressive behaviors such as peeing in the water bowl when she was unhappy. She was also very clumsy unlike her brother Punkin and would knock over things without meaning to. A very emotionally dependent lap kitten is all she will ever get to be. Punkin on the other hand was a rescued feral who was never declawed and became a grown up dignified man.

I had to leave both with their dad 3 years ago when he and I divorced and the only place I could afford did not allow cats (and when I was again in a position to have a cat again he refused to relinquish custody despite my offer of monetary compensation). But my eternal baby remains in my thoughts until this day. All cats are born royalty and should be allowed to mature into regal kings and queens.

Lisa S. now the steward of Alexander Nevsky Prince of Novgorod (a cat with claws)

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