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Wizdom's Story

I just finished reading some stories that you have on your web site and I had to go get my cat and hold her for awhile as I cried in guilt. I have two cats, Snowball and Wizdom. I had Snowball first and she is now six years of age and Wizdom is three years of age. When I first brought Wizdom into my house she was a kitten and Sonwball around three years. They got along great and then my husband and I got a divorce and I moved and could not take the cats. I found a home for both of them but they were seperate homes and the cats were seperated for two years.

I got Wizdom back first and a few months later Snowball. They did not get along anymore, and Wizdom would attack Snowball all of the time. When I asked the vet what I should do, he told me to have the cats declawed. I have never believed in declawing and refused. Things just kept getting worse between the cats and I felt I had no other choice because I could not give my cats up one more time. I took Wizdom first because she was the aggressive one. I also had her spayed because she was having other complications and the vet told me it would be best to have it all done at once. I called the vet a few times that day to check up on her and they told me her paws were still bleeding and she would have to stay and extra night so I went down to see her and she was a mess and all she did was cry. When I brought her home she bleed for several days and when I called the vet he said it was normal for older cats.

Needless to say I WILL NOT get Snowball done because I see what it has done to my Wizdom and the guilt kills me. It has been about four months now and Wizdom has a hard time walking down stairs and is always holding her one paw up. I hope people take what you say serious and value and love their cats enough to think twice because I now wish that I could take that day back that I took a piece of my Wizdoms life away.

May 2, 2003

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