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Womp's Story

My mother had a cat named Womp. Mom was disabled and not able to get out of the house much, and she loved having the cat for companionship. My mother had never had a cat declawed and thought it was unnecessary; unfortunately, in his play Womp began drawing blood from her -- she was on blood thinners. Rather than get rid of the cat, my father took him in to have him declawed. My parents didn't notice any unusual behavior after the surgery. Womp was, of course, a completely indoor cat.

But one day he got out. My mother watched helplessly as he was killed by a pack of stray dogs. Womp had run to a tree and was trying to climb it, but couldn't save himself without his claws. Mom never had another cat declawed. Because of that tragedy, I would not have either, but I didn't know what cats go through when they are declawed. Thank you for the information... I'll pass it on whenever I hear someone consider declawing their cat.

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