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I have been using Feliway for as long as it has been on the market. I like it. Below this you will find the complete instructions that come with the bottle. In addition to the instructions, I have found that spraying a little on a clean washcloth and letting a wild cat sniff it, will calm the cat down. We do this often with Georgie. He can get aggressive and playful at night and the other cats do not appreciate it.

Also, the following instructions talk alot about urine marking, but don't mention paw marking. When cats scratch furniture or their catposts, they are also using the glands in their paws to put their scent on the furniture or catposts (notice how many people with declawed cats mention the fact that even though their cat has lost its toes, it still *scratches* at the furniture?). Feliway will help to prevent this. For the reasons stated below.

Feliway is available at your vet's office or online at Cat Faeries and Valley Vet (the links are on my store links page) and some catalogs carry it. Or you can buy it at www.feliway.com. They now have their own website.


Natural Spray


Analogue of Feline Facial Pheromones..........................................................10%
Ethanol (90%) ..........................................................................................77.6%
Excipients to..............................................................................................60 ml


This innovative and patented product has some of the properties of feline facial pheromones. Pheromones are chemical substances secreted by animals to confirm their territory and to communicate with others.

The cat usually uses facial pheromones to familiarize itself with its environment. Surfaces that have been marked with these pheromones are recognized by the cat as familiar and comforting. Facial pheromones are deposited by rubbing the object with the side of the face (Figure 1).

Among other properties, facial pheromones will inhibit urinary marking when applied to an area.

The posture adopted for urine marking is shown in Figure 2. The marking involves a well recognized behavioral sequence where the cat:

  • selects a vertical surface,
  • paws at the ground,
  • turns its back to the surface,
  • lifts its tail to a vertical position while remaining standing,
  • sprays the surface with a horizontal let of urine.
  • The cat will perform this behavioral sequence of urine marking:
  • during a period of sexual activity,
  • following an event that changes its environment (new arrival: human or animal, new object or new furniture, new house or vacations, or any other event perceived by the cat as stressful).

  • Urine marks produced in this way are characterized by a strong smell, even though the quantity of urine deposited each time is usually small, and they are found at about 20 cms (8 ins) above the floor.

    To stop or to prevent urinary marking by the cat.
    To comfort the cat in an unknown or stressful environment (cage, car, boarding, new house. etc...
    FELIWAY (tm) may be used in other specific cases and we advise you to discuss the use of the product with your veterinarian.

    1) To stop urine marking

    FELIWAY (tm) should be sprayed directly onto the places soiled by the cat and also on prominent objects that could be attractive to the cat (Figure 3). A single dose (one depression of the nozzle) should be applied daily at about 10 cms (4 ins) from the site, keeping the bottle vertical. The spray should be applied at a height of about 20 cms (8 ins) from the floor.

    Maintenance treatment of each site is recommended once weekly after the cat is observed rubbing the site with its head and marking it with its own facial pheromones (Figure 1). Where this is not observed, treatment should be continued for 1 month.

    The method of use should be modified in the following circumstances:

  • Sexually excited cats:
  • When a male cat is marking in response to the presence of a female in heat (this is usually accompanied by continual calling), it is not necessary to apply FELIWAY (tm) on all prominent objects that could be attractive to the cat. In this case, it is usually sufficient to apply FELIWAY (tm) only to the places marked, which are usually near doors and windows.

  • Multiple cat households:

  • The risk of urine marking is greater when several cats are present in a household. The application of FELIWAY (tm) should be increased to two or three times per day on marked sites and once a day on prominent objects that could be attractive to the cat (Figure 3).

  • Elderly cats:

  • With elderly cats, FELIWAY (tm) may need to be used for 45 days in the manner described for multiple cat households, then once every 2 - 3 days for as long as necessary.

    The use of many cleaning agents and disinfectants will increase the likelihood of urine marking by the cat. It is essential that the soiled sites are not cleaned with bleaches or detergents or their derivatives.

    2) To prevent urine marking
    In order to prevent urine marking by a cat (new house, boarding. etc...) FELIWAY (tm) should be sprayed once per day on prominent objects that could be attractive to the cat (Figure 3). One depression of the nozzle should be used about 10 cms (4 ins) from the object at a height of 20 cms (8 ins) from the floor.

    3) To familiarize a cat in a new environment
    For transport in a cage, spray the inside of the cage with FELIWAY(tm) a few minutes before introducing the cat.

    For transport in a car or other vehicle, spray 3 - 4 times around the cat's usual place in the vehicle before placing the cat in it.

    When boarding, spray each corner of the cattery accommodation before introducing the cat. Repeat the sprays daily until the cat is observed to rub its head in the areas of the sprays.

    The product will not stain or mark. Nevertheless, owing to the wide variety of materials used in household furnishings, we advise that you should test the product on a sample that is not easily visible prior to using it.

    For best results the product should be allowed to come up to room temperature by leaving it in the room for about 1 hour before using it and it should be shaken prior to use.

    Keep away from sources of ignition.
    Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid breathing vapor or mist.


    Keep container tightly closed. Store at room temperature.

    For Customer Service call 888-299-7416


    Box with 60 ml vial. FELIWAY (tm) is a registered trademark of SANOR SANTE NUTRITION ANIMALE S



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