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If you are thinking of taking me to task for my views on declawing, then please keep reading. If not, please click here to bypass the rest of this message and go directly to the form.

For those of you who wish to set me straight, please read:

It seems that some people don't understand that I am completely cognizant of the fact that many declaws don't go bad or have long lasting problems, but there are enough that do go bad and for a surgery that has absolutely no health benefit for the cat, except in the rarest of cases, that I'll continue to do what I can to dissuade others from having the surgery performed.

So, please, don't waste your time and mine by sending a story about how happy and pleased with yourself you are for mutilating (because that's what it is) your cat's paws. It's my opinion that there is no such thing as a *good* or *successful* declaw story. If you don't like my opinions, then it's simple, don't read them. And just in case you haven't read it already, read My Two Cents.

And to be honest, I don't understand what people who do send me such mail are trying to accomplish. I can't help but think their comprehension skills are sadly lacking. If they're trying to change my mind, well let me make this clear, it won't happen. I'm beginning to think that maybe people who send me email saying "my cat is fine, you just have to have a good vet, do it when they're young, do it a a different time than neuter/spay, blah, blah, blah...." "spay/neuter is just as bad"....(uh, no, that's incorrect, spay/neuter has direct health benefits for the cat) are trying to defend what they've done. I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate receiving an email from me invading their personal space, so please, extend me the same courtesy. If my opinions bother them, there must be a reason why, they must have hit some nerve.

Maybe they are feeling a little guilty and are doing their best to justify it to themselves. I don't know why, knowing how clear I've made my position, they bother. But, for some unknown reason, they do. Maybe they think I care. I don't. I really don't. If it's not medically necessary for the cat, I don't want to read excuses and justifications. Your message will get deleted and you won't get a response. (I skim through the messages and once I grok the contents, I either save it, or push the delete button sending it off into cyberspace for eternity, shaking my head thinking "what an idiot" for having filled out the form in the first place.) Can I make that any more clear or are some people just complete dunderheads? This form isn't for people to send me their thoughts about me, or their excuses/justifications why they had no choice in the matter (TIC "Honestly, lisaviolet, he was holding a gun to my child's head and said it was the cat's claws or the kid!" /TIC), it's for people to share their stories of declaw gone wrong. That is all this form is for. (TIC is an acronym for "tongue in cheek".)

Calling me biased, one sided, prejudiced, abrasive, any number of names, because I don't believe declawing is good and necessary (except in rare cases), won't bother me. They're only words. They don't hurt, like needless surgery on a cat. I don't have to walk on those words. The cats do have to walk on their paws. (If you came directly to a page on http://declaw.lisaviolet.com and you care to learn a little more about me and our cats, go to lisaviolet's cathouse.)

Don't dare me to post your missive to balance out my website. The way I look at it is this is ONE website against all of the THOUSANDS of vets' offices who mutilate for money. I might consider honoring such requests if and when ALL vets who perform this surgery are completely forthcoming with their clients. About what the surgery entails, what the client's cat will be put through, and the possible problems down the road.

And I don't think that's gonna happen, because it will be a loss of income to them.

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