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Edgar's Story

I got Edgar from a group of women that rescue animals from pounds and put them up for adoption through Petsmart. He was about two years old when I got him, very loving and affectionate. He wasn't very active, so he never got in trouble. Just a perfect cat. All of the cats I've had before have been front-declawed, and I guess I'd never noticed any side effects. I may be mistaken now, when I think about it...they were all declawed when they were young and one in particular is very shy. I always assumed it was her personality, but maybe I was wrong...

Anyway. So, I took Edgar to the vet to get him declawed. It's always just been natural in our family...you get a cat, you get him declawed. My vet recommends to me that I do a four-foot declaw. I'd never done this before, but he assures me that it's very common practice and that the cat will recover like nothing happened.

I've basically lost my cat. He's still affectionate, but only when I'm the only one home, because any noise or movement scares him. He basically just hides in the litter box. If I hold my hand funny he runs away...

I told the women I got Edgar from what had happened...they were so appalled that the vet recommended all four. He was such a good cat. I wish I had known earlier what the real effects would be. At least in the future I'll know better...no declawing at all! When I think about it, I wonder if my veterinarian just wanted the extra money a four-foot declaw would provide over a two-foot. Vets like him don't deserve to be able to practice.

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