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Precious' story

When I decided to have my cat Precious spayed and declawed my vet said it would be best to do both procedures in one operation. When I went to pick up my cat from the surgery I was horrified to find out that she had ripped all of her stitches out the night before and had not been found until I came to pick her up which was at 10 a.m. and the vet's office opened at 8 a.m. . I was told that she would be taken back into surgery to see if the vet could repair the damage she had done. I later found out from another vet that if my cat had been found at 8 a.m. the damage would have been minimal. This just goes to show you how negligent the people who actually take care of your animal after surgery can be. Once I was able to bring precious home I had to keep her on tranquilizers for a couple of days to make sure she wouldn't tear out her stitches again. When my cat started walking again she would limp terribly. I took her back to the vet and was told that she would get over it in a week. When a week went by and she was still limping I took her back again and was told that she may have to have her toes totally amputated because of damage done during the surgery. Well, needless to say that the veterinarian who performed my cat's operation didn't know what he was doing and I am no longer a client of his and I tell everyone I can not to go there. My poor cat can no longer be picked up without meowing because of the pain , she can hardly walk and she hibernates in my closet which she never did before having this surgery. Precious is no longer playful and happy. She is definitely not the same cat that she was before this surgery. I hope people rethink having their cat declawed and do a check on the vet who will be performing the surgery.

Kelly, March 12, 1999

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