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Stormy & Sunshine's Story

I adopted Stormy when he was approximately 6 months old at the persistance of my sister. He was a stray who stole my heart. My husband automatically fell in love with him. Because he scratched my couch, curtains, rugs, etc; I felt he was a good candidate for declawing. The vet really didn't want to do it, but he did at my persistance. The vet kept Stormy for an additional day for 'observation'. When we picked him up from the vet, as expected, his paws were bloody and bandaged. He recouperated very well, but it was a sad sight to see the dried blood that had satuated his paws. He also had some additional bleeding and we were instructed to put shredded paper in his litter box. That was in 1993 -- he's adjusted very well.

My cat, Sunshine, is another story... We adopted her through the SPCA in 1994. A few weeks prior to the adoption, Sunshine had been declawed at three months. To this day, she has a stumpy look about her. She's healthy and loving, but her paws look like gloves with fingers missing. After reading several horror stories, I think I'm going to try something different with my two kittens that we adopted last week. After viewing your website, I'm planning on going to the petstore to buy a Turbo Scratching Wheel.

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