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From the health professionals
From just folk
Pictures of a Declaw surgery
A veterinary technician's photographs of the declawing surgery.
Warning! Very graphic.
Still thinking about it?
Declawing Horror Stories
The outcome isn't always successful.
the Ethics of Declaw
a different view of the declaw debate written by a vet.
If you've had a bad experience having had a cat declawed, Share Your Story.
A Post From A Vet Tech
A veterinary technician's description of the declawing surgery.
Clawed and Declawed cats together?
Question & Answers found in a newsgroup
as well as other postings that
reinforce my feelings about declawing
Cats, Claws, And Destructive Scratching
by Jean Hofve, DVM
Good training advice from a veterinarian and animal behaviorist.
My Two Cents
my personal thoughts about declawing
and, a growing list of countries where declawing is illegal
A Rational Look at Declawing
Jean Hofve, DVM
Dr. Hofve explains why claws are important to a cat and the possible problems arising from the declawing surgery.
Training Tips & Hints
add your tips and hints for trimming claws
and saving your furniture.
See what has worked for others.
A Comprehensive Guide
A veterinary technician's guide to
training your cat to scratch appropriately.
A Message From the United Kingdom
Helen Simmons explains what
life is like in a country without declawing
How To Keep Your Cat Happy
Maintain Your Furniture and Sanity Intact

by Dr. Christianne Schelling
an online booklet of why your cats scratch
and ways to train them differently
a new way to prevent scratching and territory marking
Declawing: Behavior Modification or Destructive Surgery?
from the Animal Protection Institute
The Educate!! Don't Amputate!! Messageboard
join the discussion
Cat Declawing
by the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights.
Very informative page with training tips.

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