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Breanna's story

Breanna is almost 10 years old and very loving towards the humans, but hates the other cats (and we have 4 others). This was never the case before she was declawed. I have always declawed my cats, but when I got her, b/c she was such a great little huntress (she only went out when we did yardwork), I decided to let her keep hers. Unfortunately, when she was inside she began to claw the carpet and furniture. And yes, she did have her own scratching post available.

Well, the decision was made to declaw her. I took her to a doctor that had taken over for our veternarian. Big mistake! The doc promised faster healing with this new laser declawing. Well, that wasn't the case because it actually took Brenna longer to heal and she kept picking at her pads, which turned out to be infected. After she finally did heal, she began walking on her heels instead of her toes like cats do. Now she walks funny and only for short periods of time due to pain. No wonder she's so mean to the other cat! I will probably have to wind up getting her wrists fused so she can walk right. I feel awful about declawing her because she was such an active cat. Since her we haven't declawed the two new additions and I will never again declaw a cat.

September 25, 2002

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