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Casper & Charlie's stories

Casper is just about 7 years old, white w/orange ears. Charlie is 4 years old, long black/white hair. I have had many cats before them. I had both of them neutered and declawed at the same time at 6 mos. of age. Casper had his glued, and Charlie's stitched and bled alot. I really didn't think much of the declawing until I read this Website and adopted a male neutered orange tabby named Tigger. We were thinking of having his claws removed, because of new furniture. Our cats are too frightened to go out and there is traffic where we live. I am not going to get Tigger's claws out I have decided upon ready all of these HORROR STORIES!! I will get a post, clip his nails, and make it work out.

All of a sudden the last 4 months Casper has been biting and drawing blood. I thought it was due to kids charging in on the cats, (my kids are grown). When Casper's favorite buddy came to town last December - youngest son, he growled at him. He just likes my husband. I thought it was his age. He likes the other cats, though. Charlie has always been skiddish since I got him at 6 weeks old. He doesn't like to be held at all, ever - even as a kitten. The cats sleep with us. Tigger is funny and he does bounce and play with the other cats, very sweet and affectionate.

I am not going to take that away from him. So, Tigger will have his claws and I will make sure he doesn't end up mutilated like the other 2 I have.

Sherrie Kelly

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