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Jericho and Trouble's stories

Hi, my name is Mary and I have been the owner of many pets through the years. It has been 8 yrs. since our German Shepherd passed away, and our daughter's two cats went to live in a very big house devoted entirely to them. I was unable to keep them because of work, and she went off to college, and our vet found just the perfect home. We had these cats declawed. They were bother and sister. Two distinct different pesonalities. Jericho Tyler was layed back, and trusting. Trouble Maker, a female was a mishief maker. Our animals all had middle names. I had never had 'indoor only cats' before, but due to the lose of my cat Screechie, I refuse to let them go out. Screechie met a terrible fate with a much bigger wild animal then he. He had all his claws. Encon believed it to be a fox or wild dogs. We live out in the country.

So I was a good owner and declawed the next two. Trouble Maker came home so docile, I did not know what was wrong. Generally very verbal and pushy. She hissed at everyone and even bit her loving brother. I then took loving little Jericho Tyler to be fixed and declawed. On that afternoon I received a frantic call from the Vet. stating that I needed to come and pick him up immediately. This gentle little being was out of control, and they felt that he needed to be home. The truth of the matter is, they couldn't take care of him. He refused to eat, eliminate any waste, and did not drink. He just sat and cried at the top of his lungs. I took one look at him and I was terrified. I had one kitten at home that would not let any of us near her, and Jericho.......... I proceeded to put him in the front seat of the car with me. I had put soft blankets in his cage. He never minded being caged before. He loved to ride in the car. By the time I reached home which was only 15 min. away from the Vet. this cat had gone absolutely out of it's mind. He was banging himself against the sides of his carrier and screaming. The bandages had come off and blood was everywhere. I broke the speed limit to get him home. I rushed inside with Jericho in my arms and called the vet. They told me to put cold compresses on his paws and hold them there. I was mortified. I just said 'Nevermind!!!!' and I hung up.

I took and wrapped Jericho in my arms and commenced to rock him in my rocking chair keeping his paws above his head, above his heart. I held him like this for close to 14 hrs. I was covered in blood and finally he settled down from exhaution and fell asleep.

From that time on Jericho and Trouble were never the same. Jericho became very introverted and would get on my lap in the evenings and gently paw my breast, and then he would settle down falling asleep in my arms. He never played anymore, just sat around and became fat. I had no idea of the nature of this operation, until I just found this site. And it made me pause and truly look back at that experience.

We are grandparents now and we just saved a kitten from a not so nice home. We got her when she was 3 wks. old and nurtured her to now at 14 weeks old. We have named her Cinquala which is Sioux meaning 'Little One', she is part of our family. She has helped me in my depression and is quite the character. The vet told me that they would declaw her when they fixed her, and I said okay without a thought. Your site made me reconsider, and you can believe that I will not allow this to happen to her. We have a scratching pole and she loves to bounce off of us and nip my husband. I talk to her sternly and believe it or not she reacts like a child. My husband is not the stern type. He just laughs. She knows when I say NO it is NO.

Thank you for saving Cinquala from this procedure, and educating me on this subject. Our son fights in Oklahoma for the protection of his daughter from the mother and step father who beat her, and here I was going to mutilate and remove all trust from my Cinquala. It will not happen here. No new furniture in a long time, because grandchildren have blessed us with their presence, and now we have Cinquala. We are not House Beautiful, but we are a home.

Thank you for the Education
Mary Furey

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