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Heather's Story

My boyfriend and I decided to get our one year old cat fixed. He also wanted her declawed and I was against it. Now I really regret not standing my ground. Our cat was so friendly and playful. She would play hide and seek with us and chase balls like a dog. She would jump so high in the air to catch toys.

It's been almost two months since the declaw and she hasn't been the same since. She still limps. She can only walk so far before she has to sit down again. She won't play with us anymore and she hisses at us often. She has completly lost all of her personality. I regret not being more firm about not declawing. She didn't even have that bad of a scratching problem.

I will NEVER do this again!! I don't know if our cat will ever return to normal, but the pain we have put her through brings me to tears. I suggest that anyone thinking of doing this, do your research and you will find that this is not the way to take care of scratching.

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